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Welcome to Yoga Venezia

Whether it's your first time taking a class or you're looking to continue your yoga sequence, join us for a unique experience.
We offer courses that focus on energy-boosting and the power of the breath as well as yoga for toning, runners, tired legs, tight hips, pilates, pre and post-natal, meditation, flexibility, beginners, advanced, weight loss, core and gravity yoga with aerial silks.
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Hello and welcome


My name is Julia Curtis and if you are reading this we have at least one thing in common:

The love for yoga.

If you want to know more about my work, life story, passions, or simply spend some time on the yoga mat, I warmly invite you to connect.


Elvira Andreevna.jpg
Elvira Andreevna​, Engineer

It is the best yoga class I have ever visited. Very personal and implies physical as well as breathing exercises.

I always feel uplifted and can’t wait for the next lesson!

Thank you.

Prabodh Malhotra​​, Author

I was blessed with an opportunity to participate in a yoga session  on the International Day of Yoga. Yoga Venezia appeared to be the only group doing yoga in this beautiful Italian city. The Yoga teacher, Julia Curtis, and her students were very kind to allow me to join them in their class. The teacher had a lot of patience to correct the postures of every one of her students and she had good knowledge of asanas and pranayama. 

Tony Zamparutti​​, Consultant

I returned to Venice for a few days and it was wonderful to take Julia's class in the Serra dei Giardini! The class was well-paced, Julia explained everything clearly in Italian and English, she paid attention to each of her students, and the location is wonderful, too, with lots of light, plus oxygen from the plants.

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