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It’s no secret that balancing both physical and mental wellness is key in maximizing work productivity. With all the stressors life throws our way, we’re faced with needing to work even harder to reach our targets.

What if we showed you there was an easier way - a way where reducing stress is done by relaxing and teaching our mind and body an improved, clearer, more productive and enjoyable lifestyle? 


Melt away built-up work tension with one of our specialized corporate packages designed by international yoga extraordinaire and former political lobbyist and executive, Julia Curtis. With her deep-rooted knowledge of corporate organizations, ergonomics, stress management, burnout prevention, stimulating creativity, and confidence, she is sure to be a powerful and well-needed addition to your team or project. 


Tailored to any ability level or specific company needs, Julia will bend over backwards to make sure your package is directly suited to your business


If you are an HR manager, business owner, or would simply like more information about how corporate yoga can transform your workforce, email us at or              fill out our form here.

You might think it’s a bit of a "stretch",
but yoga is honestly the best gift
you can offer your staff.

Make 2021 the year that you prioritize both your and your employees wellbeing.

“The most important kind of work-life balance”.

Benefits for your employees


  • Dissolve stress and tension

  • Increase energy and blood circulation

  • Boost your creative flow and problem-solving capabilities

  • Improve your mental and physical fitness

  • Boost immunity

  • Improve your focus and concentration skills

Benefits for the employer

  • Increased productivity and engagement

  • Higher job satisfaction

  • Lower healthcare costs 

  • Reduced turnover and absenteeism

  • A powerful offering as a company benefit

  • Show your staff that you care





A 30 or 60 minute midday boost, giving you the strength and courage to knock out the second half of your day with more energy than you could imagine. The ultimate workday lunch break customized to any yoga ability or fitness level.



1 hour Individual consultations for professionals:

30 minutes coaching and needs assessment

30 minutes tailored yoga practice (targeting the physical and mental pain points).



A two-hour course dedicated to physically and mentally empowering your management teams. The goal is to stimulate the brain and blood flow, improve energy and stress levels as well as inspire new and holistic approaches to managing people.



A tailored half day session combined with the following modules (tailored to your specific group needs). Yoga is a beautiful way for team members to trust each other and encourage each other to push their limits in a safe space.

Marine Beauvert​

Very good teacher, she explains everything very well and helps stu-dents overcome challenges. She is precise and very professional. Every class is different and enriching, I always come out of it energized and soothed, I highly recommend it!

Janine Fernandez

I loved the class! It was a gift for me to find a yoga class in Venice! Thank you very much.

Sigi Cayel
Event Coordinator

I  recently moved to Venice and came across this wonderful studio. Julia was flexible with my schedule and came to my apartment to teach yoga. She was able to provide a customized session for me as I am a runner and wanted to focus on certain areas. 

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