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Julia has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and has had the opportunity to study in places such as: Bali, Thailand, California, Italy and France.  She has completed teacher training with Annie Carmichael (Vinyasa Flow), Seanna Sherman (Anusara), and studied Iyengar and Ashtanga in India. Julia has trained specifically in Pranayama yoga for athletic injuries, pre and post natal yoga and has also taught children's courses.

Holding a degree in Art History and Politics from NYU and a Masters from Johns Hopkins University, Julia is uniquely qualified to design and lead Art & Yoga tours that bring depth and knowledge to each experience. 


Julia was involved with the University of Ca’ Foscari in their Masters of “Yoga Studies, Body and Meditation in Asian Traditions."​ When she is not teaching courses, Julia enjoys sailing and rowing in the Venetian lagoon.


She has proudly worked on climate change and renewable energy initiatives for 20 years and continues to dedicate herself to these matters locally and internationally.  Julia serves as a Global Ambassador and Board Member for the Blue Institute, a global education and research hub for clean water, healthy oceans and climate change solutions located on Cape Cod and in Plymouth, Massachusetts.


To find out more about the Blue Institute, please visit their website


About Julia Curtis

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