60 or 90 Minutes

Swedish Massage

Long gliding strokes are used to relax the body, decrease stress and muscle tension from everyday activities, and improve blood flow circulation. 

60 or 90 Minutes

Four Hands Massage

The synchronized movements of two therapists are used to choreograph strokes of varying paces and pressures to relax the body.

60 or 90 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

Applied pressure is used in the inner layers of muscles to aid with chronic pains as well as concentrated areas of muscle and joint stiffness.

60 or 90 Minutes

Watsu Water Massage

Immersed in warm water, the element of gravity is eliminated for a sensation of weightlessness, increased range of motion and reduced arthritic pain.

60 or 90 Minutes

Thai Massage

Gentle, yoga-like stretches are used to gradually improve flexibility and range of motion to reduce stress and improve circulation.

60 or 90 Minutes

Couples Massage

Treatments available for couples that consist of a full body massage given by two therapists with music and aromatherapy.       WhatsApp: +39 346 795 5984
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