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Unwind in the comfort of your own home
(All COVID precautions are strictly enforced to make sure you have a safe experience)


60 or 90 Minutes

Swedish Massage

Long gliding strokes are used to relax the body, decrease stress and muscle tension from everyday activities, and improve blood flow circulation. 


60 or 90 Minutes

Four Hands Massage

The synchronized movements of two therapists are used to choreograph strokes of varying paces and pressures to relax the body.

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60 or 90 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

Applied pressure is used in the inner layers of muscles to aid with chronic pains as well as concentrated areas of muscle and joint stiffness.

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60 or 90 Minutes

Watsu Water Massage

Immersed in warm water, the element of gravity is eliminated for a sensation of weightlessness, increased range of motion and reduced arthritic pain.


60 or 90 Minutes

Thai Massage

Gentle, yoga-like stretches are used to gradually improve flexibility and range of motion to reduce stress and improve circulation.

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60 or 90 Minutes

Couples Massage

Treatments are available for couples that consist of a full body massage given by two therapists with music and


Sarah Hodges
Marine Beauvert​, Chiropractor

Julia has an exceptional ability to bring physical relaxation and release tension through massage. She has a deep understanding of the body’s ability to heal, and is very knowledgeable in her work. I was very fortunate to receive a massage from Julia while traveling through Europe. I had been feeling a lot of physical discomfort. After my massage with Julia I felt a huge relief, and much more flexibility in my body. It was truly a healing experience!

Mark Ellis Gough.jpg
Mark Ellis Gough, Singer/Teacher

This studio is truly special. Julia brings her extensive experience along with brilliant and happy energy to every class. She is refreshing to mind, body, and spirit. Very highly recommended!

Candace Magner.jpg
Candace Magner, Creator

Julia is such a wonderful teacher - patient, intuitive, skilled, fun, wise and she made the time fly by. If I lived closer I would take as many classes as possible with her! Julia's repertoire of many ways to approach a movement or posture was a huge help for me. I felt like I had been rehabilitated! Her knowledge of Reiki was an additional aid to me when I had an injury - the pain and swelling diminished like magic. I can't wait to be back in Venice and take more classes.

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