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Our founder, Julia Curtis, has created courses to fit the needs of each respective student. Whether you require a specific yoga flow to target a particular area of the body (back, legs, core, etc) or simply looking for a classic course, we invite you to join us at one of our various locations. All levels and ages are welcome. Classes are taught in English, French and Italian and yoga mats are provided for those who do not have their own.

             to take a look at the course calendar and reserve your spot in one of our classes.

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Please join our online classes via Skype! Take a journey through the layers using breath and a steady flowing sequence of poses to invigorate and deliver you to the blissful ground of your own being.


A request: If you are able to make a donation, thank you kindly, and  please do so by the following evening after class.

A Note About Donations: Thank you for your support of my work. 

I have chosen to make my classes donation-based – For some of us, this is a new model of exchanging service. It is meant to give everyone access to practice, with recognition that teaching is my work.


**Please assess your own situation, ask yourself what you are comfortably able to give, and make your donation accordingly. All are lovingly received, with gratitude. For those in need, please practice without obligation**

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Private lessons and custom inquiries are welcome.